What we do

Simply put, we are a team of talented accountants eager to help your business grow. We take care of everything related to accounting, tax, IRD and more, so you can concentrate on the day to day operations of your business.

Straight up accountants


We don't paint too rosy a picture or imagine up a bleak future, we tell you things exactly as they are.
We report on facts and forecast based on realistic expectations. And we work with you to achieve these goals.


How we work

1. Sign up to our services



2. Leave the rest to us


3. On-time filing and payment reminders





4. Rooting out problems and helping you grow





This can be done online or via a face to face meeting.

We set you up on our accounting software and take care of all your bookkeeping, GST, PAYE, Income Tax and other filing requirements.

We make sure everything is filed on time and send you plenty of reminders to ensure payments are made when due. 

We work with you to identify and rectify problems in your business. Using our knowledge, we assist you in identifying new opportunities to help your business grow.



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