Making Tax Returns simple for you

Elite Accounting - DIY Module was created to help small business owners, busy investors, contractors and individuals easily complete their tax returns online. We understand that time is a limited and valuable resource especially if you are trying to run a small business or if you are a contractor on call. 

You might not have the luxury of time to go to your traditional accountants office for a coffee and chat about your tax returns. DIY Tax Returns provides you with simple forms you can fill and we use our expertise to complete your returns. We of course liaise with you if something seems not in order. You can rest assured your returns are in the best hands.

Everything is done online so you don't have to book an appointment and run to town to get things done. You laise with us at your leisure. 

Here's how we can help you!

Includes Rental Income IR3R schedule and IR3 Return. Include only your share of rental income and expenses, additional owners need to prepare separate returns. 

Includes IR4 and IR10. Suitable for small business. Contact us for medium and large company returns.

Includes IR3 + IR10 Returns. Suitable for Sole Traders, Self Employed Professionals, Contractors & Tradies

Includes IR7 and IR10. Suitable for small LTC (Look through companies) and Partnerships. 

Filing company annual returns made easy

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