Financial Supervisor

Let the experts handle the paperwork while you do what you love.

Want to be self-employed after being bankrupt?

Are you a bankrupt or going through bankruptcy and want to work as a sole trader/self-employment? If so we can help.

As a bankrupt you may think the only way to earn an income is working for wages and salaries, as it is an offence for the bankrupt to enter into or carry business on his/her own account without the consent of the Office Assignee.


This is where we come in, with the consent from the Official Assignee you will be able to go into self-employment.

We will become your Financial Supervisor as required by the Official Assignee. We will have access to your accounts to monitor these, prepare financial statements and tax returns for your business and work with you to ensure all taxes are paid on time.


We assist you to satisfy the all conditions of the Official Assignee and at the same time help you grow your business.

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