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Benefits Of Using Xero For Your Small Business

Cloud accounting is the form of bookkeeping your business online. This means that all records, expenses, assets, liabilities, and various details are all kept online within one platform or software. Software like Xero is an excellent cloud accounting software that Elite Accounting also uses for their clients, the platform is all encrypted, secure, and safe and can be accessed by both the accountant and the client. With moving your business online and utilizing accounting software solution, it means that your accounts are all connected to the cloud, which otherwise means that it is stored and can be viewed and modified online, anytime, and anywhere.

The reason why Xero is the leading software for cloud accounting in New Zealand is because of the services they offer. Being a subscription-based service, clients through their accountants can pay a minimal fee monthly to have all their bank accounts linked to Xero. Ultimately allowing all banking business transactions to be automatically uploaded to Xero to save the data entry aspect of accounting for the client, meaning clients and businesses do not have to keep, store and give all their receipts or business expenses to the accountant, and for the accountant to save the manual data entry. Overall saving both time, money, and energy in physically collecting your records and transcribing them online or into the system.

Additionally, running your business accounts online on Xero means that you can view your financial position at any time and always collaborate with your team and advisors. Resulting in an elimination of hard copies of files, scanning and fax between the client and the team or accountant. Overall, removing all unnecessary communication waiting times.

With those that are concerned about how complicated technology is, rest assured as Xero is a very user-friendly platform, easy to navigate and available across all operating systems such as Windows and Mac. The app and website are both created with user experience in mind, therefore everything is organized, easy to navigate, practical and ergonomic. With plenty of online courses, help videos and trouble shooting Xero offers, users should get a hang of it and become experts in no time.

More importantly so, Xero offers a platform and service that takes care of payroll, enables currency conversion at a quick and efficient speed, allows users to customize and run reports of their choosing and can streamline your accounts payable.

Overall, for the reasons mentioned above, Xero is hugely favorable by all users, companies, and small businesses across New Zealand. Especially for Elite Accounting, as we are silver partners of Xero, we offer Xero to all clients at a competitive rate. If this does not convince you enough to become a Xero user through your accountant, then why not try it for 6 months free so you are able to learn and grasp these benefits that Xero or cloud accounting offers. Elite Accounting is currently running a promotion for new users where 6 months are offered for free when users choose any business package offered on our website. Enquire now, call or message us to redeem this promotion or for more details. https://www.eliteaccounting.co.nz/free-xero

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