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Property Investment

Property investment is one of the main types of investments us Kiwis choose. According to Stats NZ's national accounts figures for the year ended March 2017 residential building investment made up 32% of total investment in 2017 compared to only 19% investment in plant, machinery, and equipment.

Property investment has long been deemed a safe bet for Kiwis weather saving for retirement or for cash flow. However property accounting has overtime become complex due to the legal requirements and changing laws. And with the introduction of ring fencing and extension of bright line test property investors need all the assistance they can get to correctly file their tax returns.

Elite Accounting offers Fixed Fee Property Accounting so you will know what you are getting for your dollar. Our competitive prices come with unlimited support so you can confidently grow your portfolio with professional advice at your figure tips with no added cost.

Our Prices

Individually & Jointly Owned

One property owned 100% by one individual                                      $395

One property jointly owned by two people                                           $429

Company & LTC Owned

One property owned by company or LTC                                             $449                                                 

Additional Properties

Add additional properties to any of the above options                          $99 per property

Trust Owned                                                                                            *Contact us

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